• Could you clarify what does Hardcore Marketing do?
  • What is different from other Marketing Agencies or Consulting Firms?
  • Your marketing seems old fashioned. What about Digital Marketing?
  • What about the Training and Development Programs you offer?
  • What kind of Customers do you work for?
  • In which kind of Sectors do you Specialize?
  • What is the difference between Pro and Express services?
Hardcore Marketing can support you in two main areas:
Freelance consulting services on all marketing and commercial fundamentals of the Business.
Training and Development on all Marketing and commercial fundamentals of the Business.
Our Marketing is the one learnt in Companies that invented Marketing over a hundred years ago. We offer a cohesive view of the business and marketing solutions based on solid marketing fundamentals knowledge.
Sometimes there is confusion between Marketing, Communication and Promotion.
Communication and Promotion are two very important among others Marketing Levers.
Often what is called Digital Marketing, is Digital Communication.
A very wide set of tools and techniques to deliver contents, build a relationship. engage or often chase a potential "Lead" and "Convert" into the established Objective. However Digital you want your business to be, you would still need a Marketing Proposition, a Product/Service offer formulated in a clear and attractive way, the range and pricing stratgey to be delivered offline or online.
It may happen that excellent Websites do not clearly explain what the Busines is all about.
So even if you need a Digital Solution, you still may need a solid Marketing Mix Platform to be delivered in the Digital Space.

Having said that, we are digitally aware and do collaborate with specialized digital partners based on customers need.
We have distilled or the knowledge gathered in years of Marketing Practices to train single talents or marketing teams and make them potentially great Marketers or simply aware of all Marketing Fundamentals.
From large Multinationals to smaller Entrepreneurial Companies to Private Equity owned Companies in need of a structured Marketing Approach.
Consumer Goods Marketing is considered "the School of Marketing."
Professionals with this background often go working in other Sectors, Pharma, Retail, Cosmetics, Luxury, because they know the logics, tools and methods and re apply them in different context.
Our solutions can be applied to any Business, especially Business to Consumer, the ones with an End User, Consumer or Customer.
Express is fast, do not require long time analysis of data.
Still, one-day intensive Marketing Session can be very productive to have a fresh perspective on the Business getting out of day to day routine or established ideas that sometimes may be limiting who drives the Business.
Pro takes more time, resources and depth of Analysis, it is suitable for larger complex organizations that need a thorough and structured Marketing Recommendation.
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