• Focussed on the Core
  • Product Oriented
  • Methodic and Data driven
  • Content Oriented
  • Business Driven
  • Actionable

Focussing on the core, means identifying and driving the Core Business, the Core Brand Identity Elements to develop Communication and Innovation, the Core of the range we sell, targeting the core of the Markets.
Increasing knowledge specialization, complexity of organizations and need for differentiation, often determine a fragmented vision of the Business and a centrifugal effect from the Core.
Focussing on the core doesn’t mean a business cannot expand into very different territories. Amazon started as Online Bookstore. It did not focus on Book or culture. It focussed on its Logistical Core Powerhouse.

Great Marketing starts from great product quality experience for the Consumer/Customer we serve.
The Marketing Strategy and Actions must be fact based and stem from deep and thorough data analytics.
Hardcore Marketing is methodic but oriented to the Business contents and needs delivering concrete tangible actions to drive Sales and Profit.


We have worked in some major schools of Marketing Management in all marketing and sales functions, Brand Management, Innovation Development, Trade Marketing, Customer Marketing and Sales.

  This background give us the opportunity to have a wide and deep understanding of how a business work from strategic to concrete commercial dimensions.

Lillo Buhnik   —Professional curriculum
Roberta Parollo   —Professional curriculum
Massimiliano La Franca   —Professional curriculum

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