Hardcore marketing, is the classic, original, learnt in Consumer Goods Companies, were marketing was born.
A powerful Mix of Data Analytics and Semantic Creativity oriented to Financial Impact.

Experience and business literature, consistenty prove the power of focussing on the Core.
The core of the product/service we offer, the core of competences/skills a company has, the core of the markets.

We are a team of partners with a wide background in all Marketing, Sales and Advertising functions in Companies considered "School of Marketing".

Marketing Fundamentals


Marketing consulting projects and training and development for all the potential marketing challenges you might have.
Defining and segmenting the Market, Brand Positioning, Innovation Development, Category Strategy and more.

We work with Marketing oriented Corporations willing to have an external fresh view or smaller Entrepeneurial Companies for which we can simplify and make the Marketing tools pragmatic and fast to use.

Hardcore Marketing approach is structured but flexible, tailor made but replicable.

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